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DEPORTED follows the story of Paul, a long-time resident of Miami whose dreams of attaining U.S. citizenship are shattered during a bizarre online interview. Shockingly, not only is his citizenship denied, but he is also unjustly deported. Tragically, while Paul is in Mexico dealing with the aftermath of his deportation, his wife and daughter are brutally murdered in the United States. Fueled by grief and a desire for justice, Paul makes the perilous journey back into the U.S. illegally, determined to uncover the truth behind the heinous crime and seek revenge. As he navigates the challenges of being an undocumented immigrant, Paul must confront a broken system and face the harsh realities of a border that separates him from justice and closure. «DEPORTED» is a gripping tale of resilience, revenge, and the pursuit of justice in the face of adversity.


«My Multiverse» unveils the complex tale of Camila, the CEO of a marketing company, who appears to lead a contented life with her husband, Juan Manuel, and their two children. However, her seemingly idyllic existence is a façade, as Camila is also secretly involved with Juan Esteban, with whom she shares another life. In this clandestine second life, Camila has lovingly adopted Juan Esteban’s two daughters.

The intricate web of deception intensifies as Camila maintains the illusion of business trips with Juan Manuel, while in reality, she spends her time with Juan Esteban. Her double life is carefully orchestrated, convincing Juan Manuel that she works as a housekeeper during her week-long stays at a hotel, when, in fact, she is with Juan Esteban.

The plot takes an unexpected turn when Juan Esteban wins the lottery and generously gifts Camila a magnificent house—located in the same neighborhood where Juan Manuel resides. As the two worlds collide, «My Multiverse» explores the consequences of secrets, deception, and the unforeseen challenges that arise when hidden lives become exposed. The film delves into the complexities of relationships and the choices individuals make in the pursuit of happiness, leaving audiences questioning the blurred lines between reality and illusion.


«All the Way to Heaven» explores the tumultuous life of Bill, who endured a traumatic childhood under the tyranny of a violently obsessed father, determined to see him become a sports star—an aspiration that never came to fruition. Swearing never to subject his own son, Vincent, to a similar fate, Bill ironically becomes even more demanding than his father.

Following a heated training session where an angry Bill drives with Vincent, a car crash occurs, leaving Vincent paralyzed and yearning for a miracle to regain the use of his legs. Bill, facing the consequences of his actions, serves time in prison. Upon his release, he reconnects with Vincent, expecting resentment but is met with a surprising twist. Vincent not only forgives Bill but extends the generosity of wanting to spend time with him, providing an opportunity for Bill to be a better father.

However, the lingering effects of the accident, coupled with a life-threatening hospital-acquired illness, place Vincent on the brink of death, with only a few months to live. «All the Way to Heaven» becomes a poignant tale of redemption, forgiveness, and the unpredictable twists of life. The film serves as a powerful reminder of how our lives can change in an instant when we prioritize our own obsessions over love and the profound impact that forgiveness and redemption can have on even the most fractured relationships.

624 S Flower ST

The Loyk family moves to 624 S Flower St. Everything will be fine until one morning they wake up in the year 1962. But that’s not all; each morning, they will wake up in a different year in an impossible to top loop.

The Wonderful World of Dylan

Dylan is a young delivery employee with a particularity – he looks exactly like Lionel Messi; and no one with such a resemblance can lead a simple, uneventful life.


A serial killer leaves a Frankenstein of bodies crafted from parts of the same six victims. It’s a message in the present from the past for Detective Sofia Ella. Sometimes, being a police officer is the cause, not the consequence.


Alcoholic, corrupt, violent; addicted to everything but democratic principles. Sometimes, taking the express lane to power comes at the cost of the family’s lives.


His grandfather groomed his father to become the President of the United States… in China; because the virus arrived long before 2020.


Her mother, sister, and best friend are murdered on Thanksgiving; now she must prove her innocence while trying not to become the next victim of the alleged killer and the town’s cruelty.


A fictional marriage, a fictional party, a fictional profession, a fictional political pursuit, a fictional family; the only real thing is that these people did anything to fulfill their American dream.


The PMS (Pineville Middle School) was an eternal losing team in middle school; today, Darnell Fumble, their running back, was elected Mayor of the town. Now, his former friends will be his cabinet, and the rivals will be unemployment, education, and post-pandemic challenges.


When it comes to dividing Grandma’s jewels, love and sadness end the moment the will is opened. These 13 stories will show you that wealth can bring out the worst miseries.

The Suitecases Show

The success of a political satire show, where politicians are impersonated, influences elections and topples the president. From then on, all candidates will want to participate and be impersonated, no matter the cost.

Que año es hoy?

The Winger family is very friendly and helpful but has a peculiarity; the mother, father, and their two children suffer from short-term memory loss. A dramedy showcasing the ups and downs of not remembering the past.

Fake Gossips

«This is Gossip» is the most significant Spanish-language celebrity gossip show; its influence is so immense that any celebrity would prefer to face a Category 5 hurricane than be featured in just one of their reports.

The Legends

Four singers per round will try to convince, with their talent in a Blind Audition, three judges to decide if they grant one of them the passport to work with a jury of three music legends. These legends must then decide whether to accept them or not, ultimately empowering the next music star.



A revolving stage, three judges, a long line of participants; if you are talented, you will be able to complete your performance, and if not… you’ll pray that two of the judges don’t pull the lever and say «Next.»

Y Como DIce

Ten lockers, ten music genres, ten cash prizes; you must randomly choose, and chance will decide which music genre will yield the most money and which ones less. You will answer a question about the assigned music genre; if you answer correctly, you’ll be allowed to sing. If you can complete the song, you’ll move on to the next prize; otherwise, you’ll be going home.

The Legends

Four singers per round will try to convince three judges with their talent, aiming for them to decide if they grant one of them the passport to work with a jury of three music legends. These legends will then choose the next music star.

Pregunten Apuesten Juego

A poker table where the cards you’re dealt don’t rely on fate but rather on your keen insight into live musical details. A wheel of dreams and a phone call finale where, if they answer, you’ll take home that dream prize. Are you ready to bet?

Operacion Fobia

A four-story house; only if you overcome your phobia, your teammate will have a chance to overcome theirs. This continues until your entire team does so and can reach the last floor; where the worst surprise will separate you from the path to victory.

The High School Games

Four high schools from different parts of the country pitted against each other in their typical activities: football, basketball, cheerleading, marching bands, cultural knowledge, mathematics, etc. Ten participants will reach the final and attempt to win a «necessity» for their own high school.

Dulces y 16

Eight mothers and daughters from different nationalities, with the collaboration of a celebrity from their own country, will compete to see who cooks the best dishes of other countries’ cuisines. And if you do well… you might just win a car for your Sweet 16.

Match me & Date me

Ten women and ten men will have to answer 20 questions about their personalities with multiple-choice options. At the end of the round, the program’s app called TOXIC will reveal the four most accurate matches. Two couples will then be formed, and they must blindly choose each other or not. The proposal will be «Match me and Date me,» and the response can be a dream or a nightmare.

The Pandemic Show

It’s time to test how much you know about everything that has happened and is happening in the world; how well you understand the dangers posed by the climate, the fury of nature, and pandemics. In this game show, we will reward information – whoever knows more about these topics, whoever is more aware… wins. A show aligned with the agenda 2030, a show with entertainment, excitement, tribute, and sensitivity.

Spoiler Alert

How much do you think you know about TV series? In this team-based game, we’ll see if you remember moments, dialogues, actors, locations, and even if you can recreate scenes with the protagonists themselves.

Sueños por Cumplir

The best street musicians you’ve ever come across will fulfill their dream of performing for millions of people, while a panel of judges and you will accompany them on the journey to the possibility of trading the street for grand stages.